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My name is Dr. Jill Peterson.
It's all about developing a self.

It's all about developing a Self. You are the only one who will be with you for every moment of your life; the only one who will experience your joys, triumphs, losses and defeats in life from the inside out.

Your relationship to your Self is the most important relationship you will ever have, and truly, the only one you will have for your entire life. Isn’t cultivating that relationship into one that feels healthy, nurturing and trusting, worth your time and energy?

Maybe you’ve never considered that a relationship with your Self is that important or even know what a relationship with your Self looks like.

For many of us, everyone and everything else in our lives comes first (e.g. career, spouse, children, family, friends, pets, house, possessions, social media, entertainment industry, food and beverage establishments…you get the picture) and we show up somewhere on the bottom of the list, if we make the list at all! Read more...

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